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Our Values and Commitments

At A Fish’n Sea, we attach importance to simple values in order to serve at best our customers and establish a sustainable confidence partnership from the suppliers to the customers and even to the consumers.

Quality and tracability

We guaranty a total food security of our products with an optimum quality and 100% tracability. We establish along with our partner controls all along the supply chain from the fishermen to the consumers.


Efficiency is the heart of our business. Above all else it is essential to know how to be effective and relevent in the seafood domain and bring a reliable service, custom made service depending on the needs of the markets.

Partnership and ethic

We built over the years strong confidence partnerships with our suppliers all over the world in order to guaranty this quality and tracability. Whether it be from the supplier side or the customer side, we always honor our commitment and respect the professionnal standards.


We believe that sustainability permit a win/win relation between all actors of the seafood industry, from the fisherman to the consumer. This allow us to answer to the current needs from the market without compromising the capacity of the next generations to satisfy their own futur needs.